Welcome to a new episode of Wellness and Women in Tech. I'm thrilled to be your host, Leigh Olesen, a dedicated coach for women in tech. In today's captivating conversation, I have the privilege of welcoming Alysia Dynamik as my special guest. Alysia is an expert in technology-focused educational programming and program development for community non-profits and science museums. She currently serves as the Executive Director of The Generator, a prominent non-profit community maker space in Reno, Nevada. Alysia is also an artist and a mom, bringing a diverse range of experiences to our discussion.

Together, we'll explore a range of important topics that shine a light on the experiences of women in the tech industry. We'll delve into the significance of embracing your identity as a woman in this ever-evolving field. Moreover, we'll confront the challenges of sexism and its impact on women's experiences within the tech industry. Additionally, we'll explore the realm of neurodivergence and uncover strategies for finding learning styles that resonate with you.

This conversation promises to provide valuable insights, inspiration, and practical advice for navigating the complexities of being a woman in tech. Alysia's expertise and experiences will offer a fresh perspective on resilience, empowerment, and creating a more inclusive industry.

Get ready to be informed and inspired as we tackle these important topics head-on.

Let's jump right in!⁠⁠

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